Flap Disc
Quick Change Disc
Abrasive Belt
Strip-it Disc & Wheel
Flap Wheel With Shaft
Surface Conditioning Disc & Belt
Flap Wheel With Flange
Wire brush
Velcro Disc and Sandpaper
Fiber Disc
PSA Disc and Mesh Disc
Sponge And Wool Polishing Pad
Backing Pad And Mounting Pad

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district, Suzhou, China.
Export department: Room 518,
Chuangye Tianxia Building,#10, lane 8,
Dongjiao RD., Ningbo, China
Tel: 0086-574-87714696
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    Address: No.18,Zhongcun Road, 
       Luzhi town,Wuzhong district, 
       Suzhou, China. 
    Tel: 0086-574-87714696 
    Fax: 0086-574-87714789 
    E-mail: sales@cnabrasives.com 
    WhatsApp: 13566569320
    Skype:171604767 |  frank.sun360    

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